Wojciech took his first steps into the world of electronics in 2011, at LACROIX Electronics' Polish factory in Kwidzyn near Gdansk. After several years of experience, he looks back on his career.

When I started at LACROIX Electronics’, I thought I would work there until the summer holidays… 9 years later, I’m still working here! I’ve been very lucky to be able to grow professionally in this company. For me, LACROIX Electronics is truly a school of life!


Have a look at his daily tasks and learn more about his skills and ambitions – Watch a video* of Wojciech Bielicki.


Wojciech started his career at Kwidzyn as a machine setter in the ACP sector (Automatic Component Placement). He then became a product engineer, a lead product engineer and now, more recently, he has also taken on the role of Lean leader.

Nowadays, his main role is to promote lean culture with the aim of optimising industrial performance and strengthening management systems. On a daily basis, he works with all teams on continuous improvement projects aimed at optimising and stabilising the electronic production process.

Team spirit is essential to the successful completion of my tasks. I support many employees with the roll out of a lean company culture, which involves teamwork and learning. Indeed, we cannot change to a lean model from one day to the next. The prospects for growth are great,

which makes my job really motivating!

*These images were shot in early 2020, before the covid-19 crisis.


Wojciech Bielicki

Lead Product Engineer

• 2011: Machine Setter
• 2012: Product Engineer
• 2018: Lead product Engineer
• 2020: Lean Leader

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It is a dynamic, active and very rewarding profession. There’s no chance at all of getting bored.

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What I enjoy about my work is the use of digital tools because I am passionate about new technologies.

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I've been very lucky to be able to grow professionally in this company. For me, LACROIX Electronics is truly a school of life!

Wojciech Bielicki, Lead Product Engineer

Electronics activity

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