LACROIX is an international technological equipment manufacturer, whose ambition is to put its technical and industrial excellence at the service of a connected and responsible world. As a listed family-owned company, we combine the agility required to innovate in a constantly changing technological environment with the long-term vision to invest and build for the future.


Our vision

At LACROIX, we believe technology shouldcontribute to simple, sustainable​ and safer environments. ​

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Our ambition

Become aglobal leaderin industrial IoT solutions& electronicequipmentfor critical applications.


A unique positioning

LACROIX is a mix between an in-depth knowledge of our customers’ business uses and integration of connected technologies and sensorsto use and give value​ to data in creating ​« Smart Data ».

Our mission

Enableour customersto build & manage smarterlife ecosystems,thanks to useful,robust & securedconnected technologies

Thanks to our abilityto manage key technologies, we provide useful & robust​ technological equipment & industrial IoT solutions serving societal challengesfocusing onWater & Energies, Mobility, Industries 4.0.

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notre mission

The values that support our actions


Audacity Commitment Team spirit Openness Respect

A Group that develops a taste for challenge, encourages and values initiatives, accepts mistakes to learn and move forward.​

A Group that cultivates its passion for the business and the will to succeed and achieve its objectives. A Group that focuses on collective intelligence by promoting the implementation of agile and innovative collaborative modes.​​ A Group that listens and values talents to feed its strategy and tackle technological and societal challenges with innovative approaches.​ A Group that places its value creation model on the satisfaction of employees, customers, partners and suppliers.