The second commitment of our positive impact strategy is “Design eco-efficient solutions”.
with two main priorities: eco-designing our products and developing low-impact digital solutions.

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The carbon footprint of our products

In 2022, we manufactured over 90 million products. Yet 99% of LACROIX’s carbon footprint is linked to the energy consumption of our products and the purchase of raw materials.

Levers for reducing our product’s footprint is based on optimizing their design through:

  • Less virgin material and integration of recycled materials
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Design for repairability and recyclability


Life Cycle Assessment

LACROIX already exceeds legal eco-design requirements. We carry out a Lifecycle Assessment for every new products of the City and Environment activities.

This is a multi-criteria analysis (quantifying all environmental impacts) over the entire life cycle of products.

19 LCAs were conducted in 2023.


Develop low-impact digital solutions

Our ambition: to become a leader in eco-design in our markets by 2030.

We reduce the footprint of our products as soon as possible, by reducing mass, energy consumption or hazardous materials.

Whenever possible, we act through our choices:

  • Data-saving solutions: Edge Computing, optimized telecommunications, less data and minimal storage…
  • Eco-responsible hosting providers


We have set up the Ecodesign approach by LACROIX to systematize and reinforce the practice of ecodesign in all our activities.

The 2025 objective is for 100% of our new products to be eco-designed.

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