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The work of LACROIX Group: toward a connected and responsible world

LACROIX Group is an international technological equipment supplier whose ambition is to put its technical and industrial excellence at the service of a connected and responsible world.
As a listed SME company, we combine the agility that’s essential to innovating in a constantly changing technological universe with the long-term vision to invest and build the future.

LACROIX Group supplies safe, connected equipment to manage smart road infrastructure (signage, traffic management, street lighting, V2X) through LACROIX City, and by managing water and energy systems through LACROIX Environment.

LACROIX Group also develops and produces the electronic equipment of its customers in the automobile, home automation, aeronautic and manufacturing industries and also the health industry through LACROIX Electronics.

Instead of futuristic plans far removed from reality, we work with our customers and partners to build the link between the world of today and the world of tomorrow. We help them build the industry of the future and to benefit from the innovation opportunities that surround us. We also provide them with equipment from a smarter world.

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By designing and producing equipment for the management of smart road infrastructures around 4 areas of expertise: signage, traffic management and regulation, street lighting and V2X*, LACROIX City guides, optimises and secures the flow of vehicles and people to create “Smart Mobility”.

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LACROIX Environment
By designing and producing equipment to remotely control, automate and manage water and energy infrastructures, LACROIX Environment chose “Smart Water & Energy” in a time of digital revolution and connected objects to optimise the use of water and energy resources which are becoming increasingly scarce.

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LACROIX Electronics
Oriented toward the industry of the future, LACROIX Electronics designs and produces embedded systems and industrial connected objects for the automotive, aerospace, home automation, manufacturing and health industries. It supports its customers to produce innovations and to develop the realm of “Smart Industries”.

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*V2X: linking connected and soon autonomous vehicles with road infrastructure

A message from the CEO


Our method: connecting people, technology and systems.
We cannot succeed alone: we will succeed with our environment, with our customers and partners, with teams that are motivated and forward-thinking.

Vincent Bedouin, Chief Executive Officer

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Discover the management team of LACROIX Group: the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.

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Our key figures

€468 M
Present in
11 countries
500 engineers
and technicians
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Our locations

For several years, LACROIX Group has affirmed its willingness to develop a multi-continental presence. The Group is today present in 11 countries on 4 continents.

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Our values

In a world where the reason for being of companies and their role in society are increasingly brought into focus, we are convinced that this is best done through model behaviours that are in line with our fundamental values. To abide by these values on a daily basis, we continually encourage and train our teams.

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