From the Ambition 2020 strategic plan…

With its first Ambition 2020 strategic plan launched in 2016, LACROIX embarked on an in-depth transformation process with the ambition of establishing itself as a leading player in Industrial IoT solutions and electronic equipment for critical applications.

Ambition 2020 was also guided by the desire to strengthen the Group’s growth momentum and financial performance.

Since then, all our advances represent solid foundations on which the Group can now set new ambitions, deeply rooted in the new Leadership 2025 strategic plan.

 … To Leadership 2025 strategic plan

With the conviction that technology should contribute to simple, sustainable and safer environments, LACROIX is adopting a new mission with the Leadership 2025 plan: to contribute to the development of more sustainable living ecosystems through useful, robust & secure connected technologies.

To succeed, LACROIX is ideally positioned:

  • More dedicated to our niche markets than the global players.
  • A broader scope of offerings than players positioned in a single segment.
  • The right critical size to stay at the cutting edge of technology and be at the forefront of investment in the industry of the future.
  • An attractive and reassuring profile for our customers or strategic partners, who we won’t be competing with.



We are ready to embark on a new journey to the future, driven by strong ambitions that will lead our development for the next five years. This is what the Leadership 2025 plan is all about. It will enable us to build an international market leader in industrial IoT solutions and electronic equipment for critical applications.

Vincent Bedouin, CEO of LACROIX.

5 strategic pillars to support our ambition