More than ever, we are convinced that useful technology will play a crucial role in creating a resilient and eco-responsible future.

This belief is reflected in 4 commitments made in our positive impact strategy:

  • Grow positive impact business
  • Design eco-efficient solutions
  • Run sustainable operations
  • Commit to our people and regional presence

We are already committed to concrete initiatives and have outlined our 2030 goals.
We will continue this adventure with our ecosystem to shape a more environmentally friendly future.

Use useful and eco-designed technology for a resilient future

The current environmental situation requires global action. By 2050, the goal is clear: halve greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to ensure a sustainable future.

Technology is positioned as a fundamental pillar of this transition. While it is not the only solution to the ecological crisis, it remains essential to address these environmental and societal challenges.
At LACROIX, our vision is clear: technology must contribute to simple, sustainable and safer environments.

Technology can help mitigate climate change
and the achievement of several Sustainable Development Goals”
(6th IPCC Synthesis Report, March 2023)

In a context of limited resources, we strongly believe that technologies must demonstrate their utility and sobriety. We are convinced that technology can be useful in contributing to the ecological transition, with a focus on:

  • Saves more carbon and energy than it consumes and
  • Meets needs low tech cannot meet.


Our Positive Impact Strategy

Our investment in the ecological and societal transition is realized through our four commitments of our positive impact strategy.

Our focus is on positive impact activities. It is both an ethical duty, an ecological necessity but it is also a strategic direction and a source of value creation for LACROIX.

Our mission is to enable our customers to build and manage smarter ecosystems through useful, robust and secure technologies.

Through our Electronics, City and Environment activities, we develop smart solutions, reducing water and energy consumption and optimizing city flows.

Discover the actions already implemented in our activities


Moving forward through collective dynamics

The preservation of our planet requires the involvement of all actors, from States to companies, citizens and users, as well as a collective dynamic with our teams, our customers, our suppliers, communities and the local economic fabric.

These societal challenges require the participation of all our ecosystems for an effective and environmentally friendly transformation.

In this new year 2024, we decided at LACROIX,
to raise our ambition even higher: to become a world leader and
contributing IIoT solutions and electronic equipment
for critical applications.

We will build on the 4 commitments
our strategy of positive impact that determine our action
to accelerate the ecological transition together.

Happy New Year 2024, a year where useful technology will be
dedicated to environmental and societal issues!


Vincent Bedouin
President and CEO