A la rencontre de Daniel Baumann

Technicien Qualité pour l’introduction de nouveaux produits et l’accompagnement de la production en série chez LACROIX Electronics, en Allemagne.

Hello Daniel, can you tell us about your career path before joining LACROIX?  

I have a diploma as a technician in information and communication technology.  

I took a work/study course to train as an electrician in equipment and systems at Siemens. After that, I spent three years there as a component test interface designer, then I worked for more than two years in the test interface mechanical maintenance department. Finally, I joined a start-up based in Düsseldorf, as a product developer, before joining LACROIX Electronics five years later, in 2017, as a Quality Technician for the introduction of new products and serial production support.  

Can you describe your daily routine? 

Of course! My work involves the following duties:  

  • Assisting with the introduction of new products (from product development to serial production), while taking account of our clients’ quality requirements 
  • Managing communications with our clients in the event of complaints, and internal communications with our teams to deal with these complaints in optimal fashion 
  • Daily assessment and reporting on process-related weaknesses, in order to undertake the necessary improvements within our factory at Willich 
  • Managing QRQC (Quick Response Quality Control), which seeks to safeguard production in progress and prevent recurring errors (continuous improvement solution) 

What are the challenges related to your work?  

The key challenge related to my job is having to recognise risks and problems upstream, in order to be able to act quickly.  

To perform these duties on a daily basis, I’m in contact will all departments within the company, enabling me to understand and anticipate risks at every stage of our clients’ projects. This is also a significant challenge for me. I have to ensure smooth cooperation between the different teams, so that everyone works towards the same objective and maintains the quality of our services. 

What do you find most interesting at LACROIX?  

I’m particularly interested in all the new and unique projects in which we collaborate with our clients to offer them the best possible solutions. Over time, I’ve had the chance to see many developments, such as digitisation and smart industry, which constantly present new challenges. And collaborating with my colleagues in these projects is also very interesting! 

Since I entered LACROIX Electronics I have learned, for example, how to prepare initial sample reports, how to deal effectively with complaints and use SAP, and how to use quality tools such as QRQC, Ishikawa or 5-M. Basically, this new role has enabled me to discover new working methods related to project monitoring, in terms of requirements and risk assessment. 


Daniel Baumann

Quality Technician

2017 - Arrival at LACROIX Willich

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I’m particularly interested in all the new and unique projects in which we collaborate with our clients to offer them the best possible solutions.

Daniel Baumann, Quality Technician

Electronics activity

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