What position do you hold at LACROIX Electronics?

I am an Electronic Assembler in the field of military products. I am specifically responsible for assembling radar jamming equipment.

Can you tell us about your career?

I joined LACROIX Electronics on 1 April 1997.
Before that, I trained in sales. In fact, I was accompanying a friend for an interview at LACROIX Electronics and I appreciated the company and the work they offered so much that I decided to stay there. At the time, the head of production for the defence market was looking for reliable employees and immediately offered me an employment contract.

What tasks do you carry out?

I carry out the placement, welding, assembly, testing and repair of the THT and SMT components. I work in the former clean room, where we previously produced circuit boards for SMART155 munitions. Today, this room has changed function but my working group is still working on the production of defence electronics in this room.

As I already have a lot of experience with these very technical products, I am also responsible for organising meetings for the working group concerned and working directly with the quality department.

What have you learned at LACROIX Electronics?

In fact, I have learned everything I do here. Although I originally trained in sales, I am very happy to have chosen to take up this position because I have a great team and my work is very exciting.

What do you like most about LACROIX Electronics?

The responsibility, the high level of quality and knowing that the result of my work can save lives! Since our production site has become part of LACROIX Electronics, we have been working in a much more harmonised manner and with a real team spirit. Here, we put teamwork first and the work that each person puts has the same level of importance!


Nejla Payali

Electronic Assembler

Started in 1997 at LACROIX Electronics, Willich

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I’m particularly interested in all the new and unique projects in which we collaborate with our clients to offer them the best possible solutions.

Daniel Baumann, Quality Technician

Electronics activity

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