Having arrived in Zriba in 2011, Achref joined LACROIX Electronics as a technician in the Surface-Mounted Technology (SMT) production line. In 2014 he was promoted to the position of programmer for the plant’s 5 automated electronic production lines of the Tunisian plant.

My job today is to respond to requests from project leaders by implementing new programs on SMT pick-and-place machines and Automated Optical Inspection machines.


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Currently, Achref is working on SMT line reconfiguration by optimising our machines, in order to increase the plant production capacity. His tasks are also closely connected to Smart Industry development as he is in charge, together with his team, of the Real Time Monitoring implementation in Zriba plant. This subject contributes to the industrial performance improvement thanks to the drift detection related to the manufacturing tools


Achref Jebali

SMT programmer

2011 - Technician in production line
2014 - SMT programmer

I’m particularly interested in all the new and unique projects in which we collaborate with our clients to offer them the best possible solutions.

Daniel Baumann, Quality Technician

Electronics activity

I am required to work on very varied technologies and industrial sectors. That's what makes the job challenging!

Jean-Baptiste Helies, Hardware Developer

Electronics activity

Here, we put teamwork first and the work that each person puts has the same level of importance!

Nejla Payali, Electronic Assembler

Electronics activity

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