In May 2018, Abdoulaye Helbongo joined the Electronics activity of LACROIX as a service provider. Six months later, he was taken on definitively by the company in its French production plant as a customer quality engineer in the Alpha CFT (Customer Focus Team). This is the industrial part of the site that deals with customers from the aeronautics, defence and medical sectors

It is a dynamic, active and very rewarding profession. There’s no chance at all of getting bored.

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His job involves 3 main stages:

  • The project stage, during which he monitors prototyping in order to optimise product manufacturing.
  • The series production stage, where he holds daily team meetings to centralise various issues, and then works with customers to optimise processes.
  • The after-sales service stage where a rigorous approach is required, along with adaptability, in order to be effective and respond to different issues.

 There is such a multiplicity of products and contacts that each day at LACROIX is unique.

This diversity therefore calls for many qualities, including adaptability: “I work closely with all the company’s departments, but also with customers. You therefore need to able to adapt to all types of public, and be a teacher.”

Abdoulaye Helbongo

Abdoulaye Helbongo

Customer Quality Engineer for LACROIX Electronics activity in France

2018 : Customer Quality Engineer Alpha CFT

What I enjoy about my work is the use of digital tools because I am passionate about new technologies.

Achref Jebali, SMT programmer

Electronics activity

LACROIX has created an environment where its employees feel valued and recognised

Claire Faya, Technical Customer Service Manager

City activity

Here, we put teamwork first and the work that each person puts has the same level of importance!

Nejla Payali, Electronic Assembler

Electronics activity

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