To meet societal challenges and make mobility more sustainable, it is essential to make an ecological shift in the transport sector. In collaboration with its partners, including LACROIX, Software République has developed “Mobilize Powerbox”, a bi-directional Made In France charging station designed to optimize household energy consumption.

The strength of a virtuous, contributing technological ecosystem

We are convinced that a strong French industry lies in the creation of virtuous alliances between the players in the technological and industrial ecosystems (companies, local authorities, start-ups, industry, education).

By pooling our expertise, we are able to develop high value-added projects that provide a concrete response to the environmental and social challenges we face.

The “Mobilize PowerBox” bidirectional charging station illustrates this collective strength.

By harnessing the skills of all the parties involved, the project partners have developed a bi-directional, cyber-secure, intelligent and connected V2G charging station.

This unique design is the result of an unprecedented collaboration between Software République and its partners, who played complementary roles in the project:

  • Renault Group for the architecture of the vehicle charging systems;
  • Orange for the integration of the telecommunications protocol and other associated services;
  • Thales for cybersecurity and data protection;
  • STMicroelectronics for the production of semiconductor components;
  • IoTecha Corp for test supervision and compliance with ISO15118 and OCPP protocols;
  • LACROIX to manufacture the stations at its Symbiose production site in France

Mobilize Powerbox: a great example of "Made in France"

This cooperation testifies to the capacity for innovation and the industrial strength of our territories to develop ambitious projects.

Software République is transforming mobility to make it smarter, more sustainable and safer, by developing collaborative projects to support the energy transition and industrial sovereignty.

By forging strategic alliances with major French industrial players and leveraging our expertise in automation and digitalization, the production of these bi-directional charging stations at our Symbiose plant in Beaupréau-en-Mauges demonstrates that it is possible to relocate the electronics industry in France.

Deployed in the Renault network for all electric vehicles, a “Mobilize Powerbox” is produced every three minutes in our factory. This represents 65,000 charging stations produced every year. This French production testifies to the dynamism of our territory, and ensures the continuity of our local industrial jobs.

It also contributes to the decarbonization of the industry: by encouraging collaboration with partners and suppliers located close to our plant, we reduce the environmental impact of our supply chains.


The transition to useful technology

To develop a more sustainable mobility, it is imperative to initiate an ecological transition in our modes of transport, with the widespread use of electrically-powered vehicles in the French fleet.

On the strength of this conviction, we are contributing to the transformation of the automotive market with the production of the “Mobilize Powerbox” bidirectional charging station. This innovation is fully in line with the government’s strategy to electrify the French car fleet on a massive scale, and to reach the target of 500,000 electric or hybrid vehicles on the road by 2035.

The development of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology enables energy stored in the batteries of electric or hybrid vehicles to be fed back into the grid.

This innovation in the EV Charging sector offers users the advantage of supplying their homes with electricity at the lowest cost, using the energy from their vehicles’ batteries during periods of immobilization, particularly in the evening.

By participating in the creation of new solutions for recharging and re-injecting energy from electric and hybrid vehicles into the power grid, our aim is to make French electricity production more sustainable and less costly for users. The use of “Mobilize Powerbox” should save 25,000 tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of 3,000 round-the-world trips in a gasoline-powered car, and generate between 100 and 200 euros in annual savings per user.

Through this project, we are reaffirming our determination to put our industrial expertise at the service of useful, eco-designed technologies, in line with our commitment to achieve 80% impact products in our sales by 2030.

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By joining forces, we have met the ambitious challenge of producing an innovative V2G charging station in France, contributing to the ecological and energy transition.

This collective success confirms our commitment to the French technological and industrial sovereignty, while using technologies that are both useful and energy efficient.