Diversity – whether in terms of gender, age or origin – is a source of performance, inspiration and creativity in the workplace. We see it as a fundamental and meaningful asset, as well as a genuine vector of development for any company.

Today, we are committed to advancing our organizations to encourage equal opportunities, fairness and diversity within our company’s management profiles, with the implementation of the internal “Women at LACROIX” program, which is part of the 4th commitment of our positive impact strategy, which aims to:

  • Promote well-being at work and recognition
  • Reveal the potential of our teams
  • Promote equity and diversity
  • Commit to our local communities

Towards More Inclusive Structures: A Collective Challenge

We are aware that promoting diversity cannot be achieved alone. It is essential that all stakeholders in the industrial and technological sectors come together to reevaluate established structures and develop the feminization within scientific and technical training programs. 

It is evident that there is an underrepresentation of women. But this goes beyond LACROIX; it starts in schools, as soon as we enter more technological fields. »

Vincent Bedouin, Chairman and CEO of LACROIX 

Source : Elles bougent – LACROIX – Electronics (LinkedIn) 

This issue thus concerns all stakeholders in the technological and industrial sectors. We are determined to rethink our structures to create work environments where everyone feels valued and respected. Creating an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and contribute to collective success. 

[…] The solution also lies in upstream work to make young girls aware of the pleasure that can be found in working in this type of environment. »

Ariane Malbat, Outsourced Human Resources Director at Bras Droit des Dirigeants and member of the Administrative Committee of LACROIX

Our Goals: Diversity - Equity - Inclusion (DEI)

We have observed the following: at LACROIX, women represent 53% of our workforce. However, on average, only 27% of managerial positions and less than 10% of our executive committee roles are held by women. 

These percentages vary depending on the countries where our structures are located, highlighting disparities. For example, women occupy 40% of managerial positions at our site in Poland, while in Germany, they represent only 8%. 

We are aware of these disparities and our internal challenges. Therefore, we have set a clear objective: to achieve an average representation of 31% women in our managerial and expert teams by 2025, and 40% by 2030.

We aim to build a culture that fosters a sense of belonging for everyone, where merit is rewarded equitably, and the environment is conducive to diversity. 

To achieve this, we are committed to encouraging young girls to choose technological fields, attracting more women to join our teams, and inspiring and motivating those already at LACROIX to advance in their careers, by implementing a strategy that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

With the implementation of this strategy, we have defined three major priorities to focus on: 

  • Multigenerational transmission of skills 
  • Combating discrimination and prejudice 
  • Balancing the representation of men and women in our leadership teams 


Our Women @ LACROIX program addresses our third priority by fostering dialogue and reflection between women and men on issues of equality and diversity. 

I believe that the feminization of managerial positions involves men who also agree, who understand, who have been educated in their lives, and typically the management at LACROIX shows a strong commitment to the role of women and what it should be in society. » 

Muriel Barnéoud, CSR and Quality Director at Emeis and member of the Administrative Committee of LACROIX


This program also aims to provide support in addressing these issues within our organization. Our goal is to define a clear path to work on inclusion, create a workplace where everyone has a voice and an impact, and actively help in the professional development of women’s careers. 

To support and develop this initiative, we have established a network of women ambassadors internationally who support the Women @ LACROIX program within our various organizations with the aim to: 

  • Recommend actions and initiate initiatives at both the group and local levels, 
  • Promote the program, create opportunities, inspire, and help other women, 
  • Celebrate successes and achievements,
  • […]

These are role models, not just for women, but for both women and men, demonstrating leadership with empathy, vision, and kindness. […] Having Muriel and Ariane as sponsors/mentors of the Women @ LACROIX program is an extraordinary opportunity. »

Vincent Bedouin, Chairman and CEO of LACROIX

Our External Actions and Commitments

In addition to our internal initiatives, we undertake external actions by engaging with networks, initiatives, and partnerships aimed at promoting equal opportunities and gender parity, such as: 

  • The Elles bougentnetwork, which actively encourages young women to pursue scientific and technical careers. 
  • The Industri’elles initiative, led by the Ministry of Industry, which aims to mobilize both men and women in the industry to promote diversity in the industrial sector.
  • The #StOpE initiative, which aims to combat everyday sexism in the workplace. Signed in January 2024 for all our French sites, we plan to extend this initiative internationally.

The feminization of technological careers is a real issue that goes beyond the scope of LACROIX, where there is an underrepresentation of women or girls, starting from school. Therefore, we have the responsibility to show that there are fantastic career opportunities in tech and industry. » 

Vincent Bedouin, Chairman and CEO of LACROIX