Claire joined Sogexi in 2007 to cover two employees on maternity leave, first in the Export Department and then in R&D. She then took up the position of Customer Service Manager in 2008. In 2015, LACROIX acquired Sogexi and it became a part of LACROIX City’s Street Lighting Business Unit. Five years later, Claire is still the manager of an ever-growing department, now known as Technical Customer Service, with a stronger team and greater expertise. It works daily with the other departments in the Street Lighting business unit, LACROIX City as a whole as well as the rest of the LACROIX.

Our role is to support our users and make their lives easier.

We are the bridge between R&D and our customers, be they internal or external customers. Our main tasks are technical support, the commissioning and follow-up of smart equipment such as Tegis for street lighting management or SensyCity for detection, customer service and eco-design, as well as technical writing.”

Export, R&D, Customer Service, Technical Customer Service… Claire has had a rich and varied career path since joining the Group. And it doesn’t stop there:

“I have been lucky enough to be part of the first Audencia Visa Manager cohort. This programme brings together 12 employees from across the Group’s different sites and will be renewed every year. The aim of this training programme is to put people at the heart of the company and enable us to develop our skills in this area of management.

With this project, LACROIX has created an environment where its employees feel valued and recognisedbut, above all, they feel like they are contributing to the Group’s success.


claire faya

Claire Faya

Technical Customer Service Manager

2007 – Export Sales Administrator/R&D Assistant at Sogexi
2008 – Customer Service Manager at Sogexi
2015 – Technical Customer Service Manager for the Street Lighting Business Unit at LACROIX City

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At LACROIX, we're at the cutting edge of what society demands in terms of technological innovations.

Patrick Fabre, Managing Director Spain


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