Patrick joined the Group in 2006, acting as Managing Director of City’s Spanish Traffic Signs business unit for ten years. In 2015 he became Managing Director of Traffic Spain, a company created after the acquisition of DSTA, which has now become City’s Traffic business unit in Spain. A few months ago he expanded his scope by becoming the LACROIX's representative in Spain, where both City and Environment activities operate.


Since 2017, after 30 years of successive bases on separate sites, the two activities have joined forces and share the same premises in Madrid:

Coming together like this was a new beginning, and I believe that being on the same site allows us to strengthen our presence in Spain. Furthermore, we have the benefit of modern, comfortable premises where we can all work together as a team, representing the Group,” explains Patrick.

And this helps develop the “Human Capital” aspect of our Ambition 2020 plan, as he notes: “This is a very important aspect. We’re still a close-knit group, even though we’re growing, becoming more and more international, and welcoming new cultures into the Group who are helping us to find our place and develop globally. We have strong values, including audacity, commitment and team spirit, and these are values which we wish to uphold and which ensure that the teams are closely involved in our project.

In this portrait, discover how Patrick combines human relations and international development on an everyday basis, to meet the challenges of the Ambition 2020 plan.

And the work of Patrick and the Spanish teams does not end there, as there are numerous projects in the pipeline:

 For several years, international development has been one of our key objectives, and it is one of the six aspects of our Ambition 2020 plan.
We have been present in Spain for 30 years with LACROIX City and 20 years with LACROIX Sofrel. It’s a country in which we have a strong base, which we know well, and which we are using to drive the Group’s development in Latin America. We enjoy strong commitment and support from the Group to develop our ambitions and realise them internationally. We want to continue to bring together our international activities, in order to advance into new territories and new countries.


Patrick Fabre

Managing Director Spain

2006 - Managing Director of City's Spanish Traffic Signs business unit
2015 - Managing Director of City Traffic Spain
2018 - Managing Director LACROIX Spain

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