LACROIX selected for the Grand Exhibition of French Manufacturing! 

Among the 126 French-made products showcased at the Elysée during the Grand Exhibition of French Manufacturing, visitors had the chance to discover Alumix, LACROIX’s traffic light system. Much more than a simple light fixture, traffic lights are an integral part of a complex safety ecosystem.

Traffic lights exhibited at the Elysée?

Innovative ideas are sometimes concealed behind the most simple, everyday objects! And what could be more common than a set of traffic lights? That may be true, but far from being a simple light fixture, traffic lights are an integral part of a complex safety ecosystem, governed by numerous certifications and regulations covering their construction, implementation and management.

A little gem of traffic light technology

With the arrival of new mobilities, and the growing popularity of increasingly connected vehicles (V2X), junction lights must adapt to meet the demands of new traffic management strategies. Traffic lights at junctions require a complete ecosystem to oversee traffic management and regulation, as well as road-sharing by all users.

Artificial intelligence, Edge computing, electronics, optics, acoustics…all these extremely sophisticated technologies are now being harnessed to develop traffic light systems, as they evolve in response to new uses on the road and in the street.


Unexpected innovation in our daily life 

Innovation means opening up, taking risks and breaking out of certain sectoral rules. Alumix is no exception to the rule: a real nugget of industrial innovation, the traffic light made by LACROIX incorporates high-tech solutions from the optical and audio fields, in order to improve the visual and acoustic perception of users. Moreover, Alumix is the result of an eco-design approach in which LACROIX takes the global life cycle of the product (from the extraction of raw materials to the end of life of the product) into account.

Tomorrow’s mobility is like Alumix: intelligent & colorful

LACROIX is proud to be a part of the city of tomorrow through its City activity that offers products at the cutting edge of innovation to inform users in real time, optimize routes and promote fast and efficient travel. Cities are dense and connected, they are at the crossroads of all traffic flows: vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles and soft mobility, and public transport. As the first component of the Smart City, intelligent roadways help improve safety for everyone.

Bet you’ll never look at traffic lights the same way again!