LACROIX and Alexa

Voice Human Machine Interaction/interface HMI represents an area of explosive growth. Today we see that growing customer familiarity with Voice Interfaces is leading to increasing demand to add voice capabilities to all kind of products, all around the world. And, throughout the user experience journey, Alexa has been leading the way.

At LACROIX, we understand the complexity of Voice Done Right. Since our founding, the same year that Alexa first appeared to the public, we have been helping our customers get the best possible Voice User Experience out of their products.

Choosing Alexa for your product is a great start. But implementing a great Voice HMI goes beyond just selecting a great voice solution.  We will help you ensure that you end up with the Voice Product Experience your customers are looking for.

As an Amazon accredited CPS, our experience and expertise help you accelerate your product development to reduce your costs and accelerate time to market.