LACROIX and Alexa

Voice Human Machine Interaction/interface HMI represents an area of explosive growth. Today we see that growing customer familiarity with Voice Interfaces is leading to increasing demand to add voice capabilities to all kind of products, all around the world. And, throughout the user experience journey, Alexa has been leading the way.

At LACROIX, we understand the complexity of Voice Done Right. Since our founding, the same year that Alexa first appeared to the public, we have been helping our customers get the best possible Voice User Experience out of their products.

Choosing Alexa for your product is a great start. But implementing a great Voice HMI goes beyond just selecting a great voice solution.  We will help you ensure that you end up with the Voice Product Experience your customers are looking for.

As an Amazon accredited CPS, our experience and expertise help you accelerate your product development to reduce your costs and accelerate time to market.

LACROIX as a Strategic Solution Provider

Our role is more than just a design house. We work as an extension of your team to provide you with advice and experience. Whether you are looking to bring voice accessibility to your operations or are looking to provide your customers with voice at home, at work, or on the go, we:

  • Help you to establish your company and product voice strategy and define the role amazon alexa will play in making it more successful
  • Use our expertise in product development  and acoustics,  and our knowledge of Amazon Voice Services to accelerate all stages of your strategy implementation  while minimizing risk
  • Ensure that the selection of technologies and solutions is made to align with the mid and long term strategy thereby ensuring the scalability, longevity and relevance of your product offerings



LACROIX as a Consulting
and Professional Service (CPS) Provider

Our teams of engineers span the required disciplines to design and release top quality audio and smart devices.

Just looking for Audio expertise? We can do that. By assisting you in selecting the right technologies, optimizing the mechanical design of your product, tuning and testing in our audio lab using Amazon approved automatic testing procedures, we speed up development while reducing risks.

Looking for full product development? We’ve got you covered. As a global actor, we are in a unique position to support you from product ideation through design, prototyping and development, right up to manufacturing and post manufacturing services.


Our expertise runs from hardware design and integration through full embedded and OS SW development. Using our own IoT platform allows us to provide you with a one stop shop to define, design, develop, commercialise, support and maintain your product. We have partnerships across a wide range of leading technology providers, ensuring you benefit from the latest solutions to make your product stand out from the crowd.

Whatever your needs, our team is standing by to help.

Center of Excellence (COE)

Recognized by Amazon for their expertise, our dedicated team of engineers and marketing professionals are up to date on the latest Alexa benefits and requirements, and will help you develop the delightful voice experience your customers expect.

  • Christophe, Embedded SW Engineer

  • Fabrice, Linux Engineer

    Fabrice Louveau – Linux Engineer
  • Christophe, Hardware electronics Engineer

  • Florent, Applications engineer iOS and Android

  • Maxime, Audio / Acoustics Engineer

  • Michael, Audio / Acoustics Engineer


Customer testimonial

Winegard had a vision for a product with rather unique and somewhat complex audio requirements around voice control and response.  Our in-house engineering competencies are extensive but we realized that we would need outside help with this one.  We interviewed several contract engineering firms. They all seemed a bit apprehensive about our requirements and their abilities to deliver.  On the recommendation of a vendor, we began a conversation with LACROIX.  They immediately understood our requirements and put us at ease that they could deliver what we were asking for.  From architecture to PCB design to firmware engineering and project management, LACROIX has proven their abilities and become a trusted partner.  We highly recommend LACROIX and look forward to working with them again!

Lance Beck
Director of Product Management – IoT

About  electronic activity of LACROIX

A major player in global electronic subcontracting, LACROIX Electronics specializes in the design and production of electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies. For more than 40 years, the company has been bringing to life the innovative electronic projects of its customers operating among the world leaders in the industrial, automotive, home automation, civil and defence avionics and healthcare sectors.

Established in Europe and Maghreb, LACROIX Electronics now has more than 3,100 employees divided between its design center and its complementary production sites. LACROIX Group’s electronic activity invests in the electronics industry of the future to support its partners in their digital transformation and industrial modernization.


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