LACROIX has stated its objective of doubling its turnover in Spain by 2025. Through its connected technology solutions, the group is part of the “España Puede” plan for recovery, transformation and resilience.

By providing solutions such as effective regulation of street lighting, connected radars, automatic detection and identification of animals on the road, digitisation of water and energy networks, V2X connected mobility, etc., LACROIX contributes to the energy transition and digitisation of cities of the future with the aim of building a more sustainable world.


“This new direction taken by the Spanish economy supports the desire for a more connected, safer and more sustainable future. To contribute to its objectives, our roadmap is based on using our technological skills and investing sustainably over the next 5 years.”

Patrick Fabre
Managing Director Spain, LACROIX

And since nothing would be possible without strong involvement from our employees, the team that currently numbers about one hundred members will be strengthened through a recruitment drive and an in-house career development plan to enhance specialised profiles in Smart Mobility and Smart Environment, thus providing an overview of solutions in these areas.

LACROIX will increase its operations in Spain twofold and offer solutions in six areas. Established for a number of years in the sectors of road signalling, traffic information and management as well as telemetry for the entire water cycle, LACROIX is adding smart management of street lighting, V2X vehicle-infrastructure communication and Smart Grids telemetry.