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“From the outset, we have been convinced that only a collective project will allow us to find an economic equation that is able to meet the level of investment and disruption required to create a 4.0 factory” declares Vincent Bedouin, CEO of LACROIX Group, regarding SYMBIOSE, a project based on a strong network of partners. Here’s an overview:

The Pays de la Loire Region, an ally of technological sectors of excellence

LACROIX Group is a major economic player in the Pays de la Loire Region, which has become the key hub for electronics assembly in France. The SYMBIOSE project is part of a broad institutional collaboration initiative undertaken with the Pays de la Loire Regional Council. Like LACROIX Group, the Region is proactively involved in supporting and providing training in industrial excellence sectors.


Training is a key issue for the Pays de la Loire Region. We want to make our employment policies more local. To achieve this, constant collaboration with key players in the region such as LACROIX Group guarantees success. The inauguration of the Technocampus Électronique et IoT in Angers alongside Vincent Bedouin is fully in line with this incentive.

Christelle Morançais
President of the Pays de la Loire Regional Council

Schneider Electric, leader in industrial transformation and experience sharing


Schneider Electric is very involved in the technological and cultural organisational transformation of the industrial world. This is our role, particularly, as a founding member of the ‘Alliance Industrie du Futur‘ (Industrial Alliance of the future).

Christel Heydemann
CEO of Schneider Electric France

Schneider Electric plays a key role in the project, optimising and modernising the industrial processes implemented in SYMBIOSE. For Schneider Electric, sharing experience is essential. Its strength, particularly in the case of SYMBIOSE, is combining the perfect understanding of digital technologies with the experience of their implementation within its own factories.

Coopetition: a very concrete concept for players in the electronics sector

The French electronics sector is marked by strong and sustained growth in the concept of coopetition. The SYMBIOSE project is a demonstration of this. Collaboration between suppliers, customers and sometimes competitors is being put in place, making it possible to pool costs and speed up transformation.


This sort of collaboration, even with competitors, is a fairly new dynamic in France, even though it is already well known in Japan, or in Bavaria. It started with R&D: it is very difficult, not to mention costly to test all the solutions on ones own. Unquestionably, the industrial disruption embodied by SYMBIOSE has been accelerated thanks to our partners and continues within the WE Network Technocampus on the industrial aspects of the future.

Stéphane Klajzyngier
Executive Managing Director of LACROIX Electronics

SYMBIOSE, a co-innovation field with Orange on 5G

For Valérie Cussac, EVP of Orange Business Service’s Smart Mobility Services Business Unit, Orange’s decision to experiment with 5G in LACROIX Group’s current factory to prepare for SYMBIOSE is not down to chance:


We chose LACROIX Group first and foremost for its global industrial network. Next, the use cases illustrate the benefits of 5G, including low latency and very high speed: the connection of industrial workstations to allow them to be reconfigured in real time and that of sensors for the technical management of buildings. Lastly, the prospect of creating a centre of excellence for the manufacture of 5G connected objects makes the SYMBIOSE project truly unique.

Valérie Cussac
EVP of Orange Business Service's Smart Mobility Services Business Unit

Internal collaboration: a cornerstone of the SYMBIOSE project

Collaboration is also organised internally since the LACROIX Electronics teams have been closely involved in the SYMBIOSE project since the start. For example, various internal satisfaction surveys have been implemented to find concrete solutions to enable a real quality of life at work in the future factory. The teams were also consulted extensively to determine the location of the new factory. These actions are a strong marker of SYMBIOSE’s commitment to be a fully collaborative project.

discover the symbiose project