LACROIX works with its clients and partners to connect the world of today with the world of tomorrow. It helps them build the industry of the future and take advantage of the opportunities for innovation that surround them, bringing them the equipment and solutions of a smarter world.

Electronics activity

Ranked among the Top 10 European Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), LACROIX’s Electronics Activity designs and produces electronic functions and equipment as well as industrial IOT solutions for its customers, combining advanced skills in both R&D and Production 4.0.

Positioned in critical applications for the industrial, home-automation, civil and defence avionics, and healthcare sectors, the Electronics Activity has four production plants and a design & turnkey services office (Impulse), enabling it to serve its markets in Europe and the Maghreb, as well as the continent of North America with FIRSTRONIC LLC.


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City activity

As an expert in high-tech equipment and industrial IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for smart mobility, LACROIX’s City Activity supplies simple, complete solutions for optimizing and digitalizing cities and regions. Its expertise is based on three pillars: road safety, traffic management, and smart lighting.

Drawing on its six industrial production sites in Europe and six international subsidiaries, this activity is able to support public and private bodies with transformation of the road network into a fluid, secure and sustainable space, thanks to its Smart Street and Smart Road solutions.


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Environment activity

LACROIX’s Environment Activity offers its public and private customers solutions for Smart Water, Smart HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) and Smart Grids for remotely monitoring and managing their water and energy infrastructures.

With the objective of becoming a world leader in industrial IoT for critical applications in water and energy network infrastructures, LACROIX provides support for Smart Environment transition, in the face of challenges around dwindling natural resources, urbanization, digitalization and cybersecurity.


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