What will tomorrow’s world look like?

As an international technology equipment supplier, we provide smart, connected and secure equipment and solutions for better management of road, water and energy infrastructures.

Our ambition: to become a global leader in industrial IoT solutions & electronic equipment for critical applications.

To achieve this, LACROIX relies on 3 complementary activities:

Electronics activity

Ranked among the Top 10 European Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), LACROIX’s Electronics Activity provides services from design to manufacturing of electronic equipment for markets such as automotive, industrial, home & building automation, avionics & defense, and healthcare.

This activity is a global player in electronics, located in both Europe and North America, and represents more than 2/3 of the Group’s revenues.

Thanks to the expertise of its design offerings, LACROIX also provides optimized services that accelerate the development of its customers’ industrial IoT & mission-critical electronic applications projects.


visuel electronics

City activity

LACROIX’s City Activity, a leader in intelligent road systems, supplies equipment & solutions that help road infrastructure managers optimize & secure the mobility of all their users.

It operates mainly in the fields of public lighting, traffic management and road safety.



Environment activity

LACROIX’s Environment Activity meets the growing need to preserve our resources.

It supplies equipment & solutions to operators to optimize & secure their water & energy infrastructures.

The business is a reference in the fields of water, Smart Grids and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) networks.