Léa joined the Group in January 2018 as HR Development Manager at LACROIX City's Traffic Signs business unit. She decided to join us for a variety of reasons:

“What attracted me was the entrepreneurial, industrial and family-like aspects. When gathering information, I realised that there was a real vision, that it was a forward-looking company. I also discovered that there was a certain alignment between what I wanted to do professionally and the career development prospects that I noticed within the Group,” she explained.

Six months after her arrival, an HR Project Manager position became available within the corporate team of the LACROIX Group, so she seized the opportunity: “What interested me, was that it was a few years since I had discovered the project culture, and I wanted to develop the daily HR management and operational tasks that I had been leading for eight years. They trusted me, and I am thrilled. In this position, there is always something new, we must constantly adapt and I enjoy this.

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Today, Léa is blossoming in her role, and would even be ready to recommend LACROIX Group to a friend: “At LACROIX Group, without saying that everything is easy every day and everywhere, we are driven by the will and desire to move forward. The Group is in the process of transformation, there are plenty of opportunities and possibilities, it is highly stimulating on a daily basis.”


Léa Dumérin

HR Project Manager

January 2018 - Arrival at LACROIX City
July 2018 - Evolution in her job to LACROIX Group

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