Hello Geoffrey, what is your role within the Group?

I joined the company a year ago as Finance Projects Manager, working in the Group’s Financial Department, led by Nicolas Bedouin.
My job consists of piloting projects in the financial arena, within the framework of the Group’s AMBITION 2020. I have various missions, from the management of the de-materialisation project for expense reports, to the implementation of a balanced scorecard at Group level. To achieve them, I collaborate directly with the business areas, whether that is control, ISD, accounting, human resources… it’s very varied.
There is no typical day – the projects tend to dictate my pace.

What do you like most about your work?

The multiplicity of projects, whether they are related to procedural changes, tools, organisation, whether or not they are transverse; it changes all the time.

There is no typical day – the projects dictate my pace

What are the indispensable qualities for someone in your line of work?

You must be organised so that you can structure the projects as well as possible, be curious so you can collect information from all sources and, most of all, you must listen so that you pick up all the good ideas and carry them into the projects!

What was your career path before joining the Group?

I was a management consultant for five years, supporting businesses in their transformation projects, which is how I came to know the LACROIX Group. Before joining the Group, I spent two years in charge of management control in agribusiness, for a producer of aperitif biscuits.

What led you to join the LACROIX Group?

There were three main things I liked about it:

  • The transversal nature of my position, linked to a multitude of business areas, products and services sold by those business areas.
  • The fact that it is a family business which respects people, with booming international growth, even though the headquarters is near Nantes and has a regional anchorage,
  • The challenge of the transformation plan initiated by management, which gives it a really interesting dynamic. There are a lot of ongoing topics: growth, improvement, transformation, etc., and I think that in Nantes, in industry, this is rare.

I love the fact that we deal with subjects of the future, niche topics.

What do you like most at the LACROIX Group?

I love the fact that we deal with subjects of the future, niche topics. I have a particular affinity with LACROIX City and LACROIX Sofrel. We are doing, I think, something that makes sense, that allows us to save water, electricity, to live “better with less”, of course on our own scale. This resonates with my personal beliefs, which is important to me.
The LACROIX Group as an entity is very recent, and like every new entity it must find its position, learn to manage its relationships, etc. This will obviously take time, but is also what makes the work interesting!

Would you recommend LACROIX Group to a friend, and why?

Yes, I already have! For all the reasons I have just given: it’s a dynamic group that is well positioned on topics of the future and humanely responsible.


Geoffrey Libeau

Finance Projects Manager

2017 – Arrival at LACROIX Group as Finance Projects Manager.

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