In a growingly connected world where environmental issues are at the centre of our discussions, we are acting as a standard for “connected technologies for a smarter environment”.


Creator of the smart environment

The scarcity of natural resources such as water, energy and raw materials are among the world’s greatest problems. Using them efficiently is a priority, and controlling the impact of human activity on the environment is a fundamental element for any company with a committed CSR policy. We made these commitments nearly 40 years ago by creating smart equipment that contributes to a more efficient use of water and energy resources. By making the choice of using technologies to serve people and protect the environment, we participated in the creation of a smart environment.

An unparalleled expertise in the use of water and energy networks.

Because we have an in-depth knowledge of the business of our water and energy customers, we help improve the performance of their networks and also protect the environment. A true player in the world of manufacturing IoT, we are on the cutting-edge of new technologies and are experts in the technological areas of electronics, industrial information technology, telecommunications, automation and cybersecurity. With our own hardware and software research units, and because we dedicate more than 10% of our annual T/O to innovation and R&D, we design and experiment with tomorrow’s products along with our customers.

Environmental contribution on an international scale

A leader in the French market, we also support our customers on the international level. By 2050, 40% of the global population will have problems related to water shortage. Thanks to our subsidiary companies in Spain, Italy, Singapore and because of our network of more than 40 certified partners throughout the world, we can focus our development on more delicate areas. Thus, after developing our presence and expertise in France and Europe, we are developing our business areas in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East, to bring smart equipment to the entire planet.


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