discover our actions to build the smart world

What will tomorrow’s smart world look like?

An increasingly urban world where the flow of people becomes more prominent and resources become scarce. It’s thus essential to manage everything in the best way possible. At the same time, there are new technologies on the rise which create a world that is increasingly connected where data multiplies. These changes deeply change the markets and open limitless perspectives for our customers. Our business areas place us at the heart of these changes.
As an international supplier of technological equipment, we provide smart, connected and safe equipment to better manage road, water and energy infrastructure. We also offer better-performing electronic equipment in the automotive, home automation, aeronautics, manufacturing and health sectors. Building on our technical and industrial expertise, we are joining the ranks of those building the smart world of tomorrow: a smarter, more autonomous and more responsible world.

Smart mobility by LACROIX Group


In a world that is becoming more and more urban, we must respond to the great challenges of smart mobility: to guide, optimise and secure the flows of vehicles and people through streets and roads shared by everyone.

It is thanks to the connected equipment and technologies of tomorrow, which are designed with a solid foundation based on experience and expertise, that we will be able to meet these challenges.

For decades, LACROIX City has been at the helm of innovation with its equipment that serves smart roads.


Smart environment by LACROIX Group


In a world where natural resources are becoming scarce, taking action became an urgent need. Each of us then has the mission to make a commitment to a smart environment.

Optimising the management of water, energy and raw materials is our duty as citizens and as a responsible corporation.

Thanks to its unequalled expertise, LACROIX Environment has put its technology at the service of the environment by creating equipment that helps us better use the resources of our planet.


Smart industry by LACROIX Group


In a world that’s constantly changing, our customers search for innovative solutions to develop new opportunities. Our aim is to support them through our ability to meet the challenges of the smart industry.

That’s why we integrate a digital and interconnected ecosystem while also guaranteeing quality, bespoke service thanks to the latest technologies.

Thanks to this transformation project, LACROIX Electronics has already become a benchmark for the factories of the future.