LACROIX Electronics’ bid to move into the US market reached a key milestone in 2017 with the company’s acquisition of a minority stake in Firstronic LLC, a Michigan-based electronics subcontractor.

The partnership with Firstronic LLC provides support for LACROIX Electronics customers in North America and, in particular manufacturers of cars and automotive suppliers with plants in the US and in Mexico who are looking to work with locally-based partners who specialize in electronics manufacturing.


“LACROIX Electronics approached Firstronic LLC a few years ago to propose offering customers with production sites in North America a joined-up service. For us, it made sense to work together as Firstronic has several key customers who were also looking for support and contacts in Europe.” John Sammut, President of Firstronic LLC.

John Sammut
Firstronic's CEO

By acquiring a stake in Firstronic LLC, LACROIX Electronics is able to offer its manufacturing customers the flexibility and reactivity of a locally-based firm (Firstronic has one plant in Michigan and another in Mexico), while retaining the expertise and confidence associated with LACROIX Electronics. Firstronic also benefits by offering its American customers access to the European market, via LACROIX Electronics’ presence in Europe, while maintaining continuity of service as well as quality.


“This formative phase of our strategic plan demonstrates our desire to help our customers to work with subcontractors with a global reach. It allows us to accelerate LACROIX Electronics’ global growth outside of Europe: Firstronic is a concrete response to the expectations voiced by our strategic customers.” explains Stéphane Klajzyngier, Executive Managing Director of LACROIX Electronics. He adds: “The collaboration with Firstronic is based on common values as well as similar processes and customers.”

Stéphane Klajzyngier
LACROIX Electronics' Executive Managing Director

Acquiring a stake in Firstronic is a key step in the internationalization of LACROIX Group, allowing us to respond to customers’ needs for a global service, while keeping quality high and maintaining the trust that has been built up over many years.