From 6 to 9 September 2021, the third edition of the Global Industrie trade show was held in Lyon. After a year lost due to the health situation, major industrial players met to promote the industry of the future. An unusual year that is part of the government’s recovery plan. It is also an opportunity for France to promote its image and know-how in Europe and internationally.

Relocation issue…

Under the patronage of French President Emmanuel Macron, the Global Industrie trade show was inaugurated on Monday 6 September 2021 by Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Deputy Minister for Industry.

As a French technological equipment manufacturer and supplier of IoT solutions, LACROIX was invited to participate in the inauguration. Vincent Bedouin, Chairman and CEO of LACROIX, was able to discuss issues of sovereignty, strategic procurement and relocation of the electronics industry.



The French government’s recovery plan allows companies to sustain their innovation and digitisation so that they can compete with industry in the United States or China. The Symbiose project, led by LACROIX and embodied by a new factory that will be delivered at the end of 2021, is a good example of this trend and the need for relocation.”

Vincent Bedouin
Chief Executive Officer, LACROIX

…for a sustainable and responsible approach

The post-Covid economic situation and the desire to reduce their carbon footprint have raised awareness among customers, leading them to speed up their relocation. Claude Bourget, director of the Beaupréau plant, addressed this topic at the round table on “Relocation through the responsible purchasing approach” and chaired by Olivier Lluansi, Partner at PwC France. A topic illustrated by the French start-up Ledger, which designs and markets physical cryptocurrency wallets. This company, which has just raised €312 million, wanted to approach LACROIX with a view to enhancing its responsiveness and also to protecting its intellectual property, something that the Chinese government could not promise them.


“Over the past few quarters, companies have heightened their focus on environmental and social responsibility issues and want to perform their manufacturing in sustainable local economy.”

Claude Bourget
General Manager - Saint-Pierre-Montlimart (France), LACROIX