This start-up based in Cesson-Sévigné (Rennes metropolitan area, France) consolidate our R&D division already present in the area and strengthened our positioning around the industrial IoT (Internet of Things) and artificial intelligence, particularly in the field of connected vehicles. This Young Innovative Company with 50 employees, founded in 2014, which has recorded 50% annual growth for the last three years and boasts an impressive client portfolio, is now an international benchmark in the design and industrialisation of IoT solutions (hardware, software and cloud) and in the field of artificial intelligence (computer vision, object classification, behaviour prediction).

A strategic deal for the technological equipment manufacturer LACROIX Group

As the industrial IoT enters a new phase of maturity and calls for critical masses able to meet the latest technological challenges, the arrival of this new entity consolidates our ability to keep fully abreast of cutting-edge technologies and offer our customers increasingly “smart” equipment.

In the era of onboard artificial intelligence, data processing and information retrieval, eSoftThings chimes perfectly with our strategic plan launched in 2016. Indeed, with its sound experience in hardware and software design, its know-how in the development and integration of onboard software, alongside specialities in connectivity, energy consumption optimisation and artificial intelligence, this new subsidiary will be central to the Group’s R&D project.


For us, joining the teams at LACROIX Group is an opportunity to contribute to a great ambition, which we share, and to collaborate with teams whose expertise is matched by their enthusiasm.

Kimmo Vuorinen
President of eSoftThings


In addition, the very clear strategy of LACROIX Group, in which we fit perfectly, will certainly be a catalyst for us.

Jean-Marie Rolland
CEO of eSoftThings

Underlining its positioning as global leader in the Industrial IoT


This new acquisition, the sixth in four years, concludes the programme of external growth under our Ambition 2020 plan, and sets us on the strategic path towards our forthcoming 2025 plan. The projects already underway and the connection between the teams herald a bright future. I am delighted that our unique global positioning and the complementarity of our activities now give us the benefit of critical mass, as well as commercial, industrial and financial synergies. With eSoftThings, we are reinforcing our technological synergies, a major asset for the future.

Vincent Bedouin