A Spanish company, acquired in 2015 by LACROIX Group, is now building on its position as market leader in Mexico by supplying this booming market with connected and smart products for better management of traffic and people flow.


Mexico invested in ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) in 2011, for the first time in its history. The country installed around 200 Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) on the Durango-Mazatlan expressway. These products were supplied by DTSA, a Spanish firm. Very soon, difficulties emerged. There was of course a need for DMS but electrifying the network of expressways proved complex and costly.


In response to these problems, DSTA developed a new generation of products which consumed very little energy, could operate independently and were solar powered.

In 2013, Mexico embarked on two more largescale DMS projects, but this time using autonomous signs. The Mexico City – Acapulco and Atlacomulco – Maravatio expressway sections were equipped with new DSTA DMSs.


Autonomous Dynamic Message Signs became the standard in Mexico over the next few years and, in 2015, LACROIX Group acquired this promising SME which then became LACROIX CITY Spain. The company continued to innovate, by systematically integrating into product design the American NTCIP norms and standards of communications.


In 2018, Mexico represented 30% of LACROIX City’s Spanish arm’s activity, with highlights including the supply of passenger information systems for the Guadalajara metro and the start of a Mexican partnership with a technical service center based in Mexico to strengthen local customer services.


And what about the future?


“In collaboration with our Mexico-based international and Mexican consulting partners and with LACROIX City’s positioning in smart mobility, we can continue to expand the range of the services we offer in the Mexican market and offer equipment which is increasingly connected, autonomous and consumes limited energy, enabling us to respond to new mobility usages. We also envisage expanding to serve the big public transport networks and cities”, explains Patrick Fabre, LACROIX Group’s Managing Director (Spain). “It’s a positive forward movement.”

Patrick Fabre
LACROIX Group's Managing Director in Spain