Human capital Smart world Strategy

Our first “Ambition 2020” plan was launched five years ago, and we have always looked ahead. We have always kept our commitments despite ups and downs of the global economy, especially in this year unlike any other.

This time I would like to suggest looking back instead

What did we envision when we launched this first plan? A business that was more international, based on Industry 4.0 and Industry 4.0 equipment, smarter and more digital with connected technologies. We made a commitment, and we see now that the paths we chose were the right ones. The LACROIX Group’s teams have put a lot of effort into achieving this vision. They have demonstrated agility, responsiveness, expertise and skills. Our organisations are no longer the same. Bridges between business activities have been formed, and pooling has become common practice. We have invested and welcomed new companies into the Group. They are now rather well integrated and have made our offer more dynamic. As for the announced increases in R&D investment, these have been maintained and even increased where necessary, and the soundness of these choices has been confirmed.

Thinking of tomorrow today

Today, LACROIX Group is present on five continents, combining industry, R&D, and services to companies and communities that require more connections, more security, more living together. We research, invest and build to help create a better world, one that is more pleasant, more respectful and easier for people to live in.

Tomorrow, LACROIX Group will be even better positioned to connect people and equipment. Our plan for the future is built on our shared convictions, those of all the men and women at LACROIX Group who have dedicated themselves and continue to imagine, manufacture and perform services for our customers, and for the users and consumers that we all are. It is also the conviction that our environment must be seriously taken into account. It is through development, creativity and progress that we will together find solutions for a better life.

LACROIX Group, “Connected technologies for a smarter world”, more than a signature or the commitment of our previous plan, today it is a driving force to go further, for us all, in the next five years!