Human capital Smart world Strategy

It all started five years ago with a course, backed by a mission and a transformation plan. A rather classic experience for a company. But how did a traditional business plan finally become an incredible adventure?

The first question asked in a transformation plan is “who?”, or rather, “with whom?”.  As in football, an ambitious objective is set, but very quickly the important thing is the list of players with whom the tactical plan will be perfected. It’s the same thing in a company: an accessible but dreamlike course of action is determined by clarifying a mission that has the power to give meaning, and the team is built by capitalizing on existing strengths and looking for new talent. Sometimes mistakes are made, but in any case we keep advancing because we learn. And in the end, it’s through the team that you make the game evolve.

From the outset, LACROIX Group has therefore hired talent, experts and managers, while supporting the progress of existing teams as much as possible. We have made acquisitions to complement our connected offers (6 in 4 years), we have created structures to promote cross-functional collaboration in departments, reflecting the key aspects of change: innovation, digitalisation and human relations.

Innovation and digital remain key aspects for a high-tech company like LACROIX Group. But it is the human factor that allows us to go from a “banal” business plan to an extraordinary collective adventure! There are three questions we like to ask employees at LACROIX Group: Are you motivated by our project? What talent can you contribute to it? What do you need to deploy it? The teams have been asked these questions regularly: when launching new projects, hiring new teams or through training programs that allow participants to reveal their gifts; through satisfaction surveys conducted every two years that also provide feedback to each individual; through the employee shareholding plan, which has demonstrated the teams’ involvement and attachment to LACROIX Group.

This transformation process, which is still ongoing, is the result of considerable collective work at all levels of the company. Now we need to stay the course while remaining positive: the more we believe in our mission and our values, the more we will be able to make great strides forward. Of course, the future remains uncertain and there are challenges along the way, as with any transformation. But enthusiasm prevails in the face of the challenges that lie ahead for the Group, at a time when very promising new markets are emerging or consolidating. LACROIX Group has all the assets to support and promote the development of a more intelligent world designed for humans and respectful of its environment!