ASM: electronic assembly from the perspective of operational excellence

After Microsoft, PTC and Orange, it will now be Schneider Electric and ASM who join the ranks of our other partners for the Symbiose project. ASM is a Singaporean electronics company that, most notably, specialises in the assembly of circuit boards, through SMT Solutions, which has supplied LACROIX Group for 15 years.


Stéphane Le Roux
Line Solutions Marketing Manager - ASM PT

  • Portrait_stephane_le_roux
    Stéphane :

    “At ASM SMT Solutions, we supply machines that assemble circuit boards: DEK printing machines, inspection machines and SIPLACE placement machines. However, we also provide software solutions to guide our clients on the optimal use of our machines and allow them to become fully-fledged smart industries”.

  • Monitoring, traceability, machine-to-machine communication, treatment of data etc. For example, ASM Line Monitor’s software solution offers a central screen above the assembly lines to give operators visibility on the load status of the machine components, in order to give an indication, in real time, of when the machines need to be recharged.

    Stéphane :

    “This allows us to eliminate avoidable stoppage, guaranteeing that the machines are running continually. With this solution, we observe a 25% improvement in the usage rate of the machines”.

  • This solution, which he describes as “standard” at ASM, is already in use at LACROIX Group’s Montrevault factory. In terms of the future SYMBIOSE factory, other more specific solutions will be developed.

    Stéphane :

    “Nothing has been decided yet, but we are envisaging many avenues and there are many possibilities”.

Microsoft and PTC employ AI in their factories of the future

These primary partners will provide LACROIX Group with their cutting-edge expertise in AI:

  • Real-time production monitoring;
  • Predictive analysis and error correction;
  • Benchmark of production line efficiency with LACROIX Group’s competitors.

“Microsoft’s solutions will allow us to analyse an immense amount of variable data during circuit board production, such as, for example, temperature or humidity. We will also be able to anticipate potential errors before they occur. This will allow us to readjust the production line parameters before the end of the production of an order. Another beneficial effect of AI: operators will be able to better anticipate machine maintenance.”

Emmanuel Thommerel
VP IT at LACROIX Electronics