LACROIX Sofrel is LACROIX Group’s business unit dedicated to telecontrol and substation automation systems for deployment in power and water applications fields. LACROIX Sofrel carries out large-scale projects throughout the world, for resources management.

For example, the Italian LACROIX Sofrel subsidiary won the permanent monitoring town’s wastewater project in Milan, which was part of the global project called « Smart & resilient city »: this project serves nearly 2 million users through 870 miles of pipes. LACROIX Sofrel deployed more than 350 data loggers controlling and logging data from water collectors 24 hours/7 day, such as flow, levels or temperature, which enable us to achieve continuous and self-monitoring of the network. These datas are sent to a remote server and gets analyzed which allow us to take appropriate corrective action to fight against incidents and leakage in order to manage resources and preserve environment. By acting like this, Milan confirms its belonging to the smart cities list and its commitment to the « 100 Resilient Cities » project, led by Rockefeller Foundation.

Mexico is another LACROIX Sofrel strategic place: the LACROIX Sofrel Spanish subsidiary won a contract to reinforce SAPAL, a water management public organization in Leon (drinking water network and sanitation). LACROIX Sofrel intervened through his Mexican partner IIASA and provided 370 dataloggers SOFREL LS-FLOW which collects flow and pressure data on drinking water network. This system reports by using GSM and 3G connections. Lithium batteries high-performance power data loggers which ensure 10 years operational autonomy in order to allow a network continuous monitoring and leakage detection. This project shows another international realization of LACROIX Sofrel in water resources management.