On January 31st, 2019 SAE IT-systems and LACROIX Group joined forces. Joachim Schuster, Managing Director of SAE IT-systems tells more about the merger, synergies between LACROIX Group and SAE, and the bright future of the smart environment market.


Joachim Schuster
Managing Director of SAE IT-systems

  • Who is SAE IT-systems?

    Joachim :

    SAE IT-systems provides high-performance products for the control of supply infrastructures. We are specialized on telecontrol and substation automation systems for the deployment in the field of electrical but also gaz and water applications. We also provide solutions for industrial and infrastructure projects. Currently we are adding a product for district heating to our portfolio.


    Our customer base ranges from small municipal utilities to large energy supply companies and industrial groups. Among our clients, we have for instance most of the Top 10 distribution system operators (DSO) in Germany and one of the biggest chemistry groups in the world.


    Our solutions help to make grids SMART; for example by feed-In management which allows more and more renewable sources of energy to be integrated into middle and low voltage grids, even though their infeed is subject to natural fluctuation. Or by creating intelligent secondary unit substation, which provide vital information from the grid and allow to control it from remote.


    Over the last years we have gained an outstanding practical knowledge in these fields of application and thereby achieved major successes.


    The common denominator of all these projects: we have a solution approach to our clients, which means that we are not trying to sell components only; first we need to understand our client’s task, then we provide solutions for their individual needs. Therefore, our claim is “solutions in mind”.

  • What is LACROIX Group and SAE’s shared vision of Smart Environment?

    Joachim :

    Smart environment combines our visions for a global assessment of all flux (water, electricity, gaz, traffic). We want to make all networks intelligent, reliable and secure and thereby more efficient. Cyber protection is one of the keys, because sensitive supply infrastructures must be protected as good as possible against unauthorised interference and manipulation from outside. Environment has to be secured to become smart.


    Together, with LACROIX Group, we have the capabilities to make it happen.

  • How will this merger transform the market and the companies?

    Joachim :

    We, at SAE IT-systems, and at LACROIX Group have very similar corporate culture, and provide complementary technologies. Our combined expertise defines us as a global leader in hardware solutions for monitoring and controlling the flow of data into SCADA systems.


    In one hand, thanks to LACROIX Group’s integration in international markets, SAE IT-systems is also scaling up. We now have the means to offer our range of automation solutions globally. In the other hand, SAE IT-systems allows LACROIX Group to expand its telecontrol offer, from water supply solutions to a wider range of power and traffic infrastructure solutions. We will operate in the fields of electricity, gas and water, and at an international level. We have together incredible assets, to become a worldwide leader.