Innovation goes hand in hand with the more global transformation of an entire company. What if innovation were a catalyst to become the mid-cap of the future? The business of the future tends towards an open ecosystem: a hive connected to the outside world. And innovation is a key factor for competitiveness.

Yesterday, a business had internal borders. LACROIX Group worked in silos. Today, without losing its identity, the Group has evolved to become a truly open ecosystem, rich in opportunities and new connections. Internal synergies and external collaborations are sources of innovation for our business sectors. Our customers, service providers and partners are naturally drawn to us. But we must not forget the end users, the people: they inspire us to come up with tomorrow’s products and solutions.

Innovation must above all contribute to the positive development of our company, that is our belief. Understanding the key challenges facing our world, and combining this understanding with an extensive knowledge of our markets, cutting-edge technical expertise and a strong collaborative spirit, will enable us to put useful technologies to work for individuals, supporting their hopes and ambitions. The Open ETI is on its way!

What’s next?

LACROIX Group has now created new collaborative projects to participate in the research and development of numerous innovations (edge computing, machine learning, etc.).
This strengthens our creativity and enhances the expertise of our teams in providing new solutions to our customers.
We are ready to take on the challenges ahead and excited for the new opportunities they will bring!

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