Why is it important for the LACROIX to attend CES Las Vegas 2019?


For the fourth consecutive year, a LACROIX delegation attended CES Las Vegas, from 8 – 11 January 2019. This event gives us the opportunity to identify new technologies that can be used in our business areas, to strengthen our commercial relationships and to strengthen our LACROIX TECH community connections.

Let’s look back at a rich week of discussions and new technologies:

Major innovations:


  • Smart mobility and autonomous vehicles (cars, shuttles, motorcycles, etc.) were very prominent this year, especially their new associated uses. The increasing trend for autonomous vehicles started several years ago, and tests are multiplying. As a result, manufacturers are now interested in what we will do in our vehicles once we have stopped driving them: work, phone, shop, etc. Vehicles are becoming an extension of the office or living room. This leads to numerous applications, and integrates a lot of connectivity, sensors and intelligence. It also develops the concept of MaaS (Mobility as a Service).

  • Discussions centred on artificial intelligence, which was integrated into every object thanks to the Alexa and Google Home voice assistants. There was a lot of talk and evidence of embedded AI in all areas, which will be very useful for the development of smart cities.

  • Ultimately, smart environment solutions were not very prominent, although they were represented in, for example, innovations related to water and agriculture. However, well-being took up a lot of space, particularly through smart homes and health technologies.

The 2019 edition was marked by more progress and less disruption. Particularly in the areas of interoperability and AI, exhibitors are no longer content to announce their innovations: these projects are now being improved and becoming a reality” adds Reynholds Reinette, Innovation Catalyzer at the LACROIX Lab.

A real source of inspiration:

As its name suggests, the Consumer Electronics Show presents technologies for end consumers. The show is a real source of inspiration for an industrial Group like ours, as our sector is inspired by consumers.

The show allows us to detect market trends in order to better serve our customers. By attending CES, we wanted to identify the new technologies that will shape tomorrow’s solutions. Like last year, our visit confirmed the strategic choices we made in 2018, and will be pursuing in 2019,” noted Matthieu Daudin, Strategic Marketing Manager at LACROIX Electronics.

An opportunity to strengthen our relationships:

CES is also the perfect place for networking. Stéphane Gendrot, VP Business Development at LACROIX Electronics, explains: “Paradoxically, CES provides an opportunity to meet the French executives we don’t get to see in France. I spent key moments discussing exciting topics and strengthening relationships with customers like Somfy or Bosch, with active prospects and with partners including Würth or STMicroelectronics”.

CES is a great American trade show, worth visiting for that reason alone. The key figures from 2019 speak for themselves:

  • Over 182,000 visitors
  • Over 4,400 exhibitors
  • Over 1,000 speakers
  • Over 1 million mentions on SN

Stéphane Gervais, VP Strategic Innovation at LACROIX Group concludes

Once again this event strengthened the ties of the LACROIX TECH community, which drives Group innovation and strengthens our resolve to usher in the smart world”.