For the second consecutive year, we are participating in DataMix, a creative marathon co-organised by the Rennes LabFab and ENEDIS. While this event aims at sharing and discussing new ideas on optimising energy consumption, its objective remains first and foremost to jointly innovate by thinking about the challenges of tomorrow.

DataMix: a digitised event honouring collaborative innovation

The DataMix event illustrates the deep interest of the local ecosystem in Rennes for innovation marathons. For two days, participants from all walks of life met with one another and collaborated in working groups focused on the topic of digital sobriety. Within each group, a coach was in charge of supervising the project drawn up beforehand and lab managers coordinated the working groups. These “coaches of the coaches” thereby ensure cross-functional collaboration between projects. It is a question of identifying a problem, offering ideas and comparing methods for developing solutions according to the chosen angle. Finally, the prototyping stage brings a concrete and material dimension to the project. The digitalisation of the event, due to the health crisis, raised an additional challenge.


“It took some people with very strong convictions to achieve this level of intensity! We adapted our tools and techniques using a collaborative management approach to successfully connect students, large groups, local SMEs and associations.”

Norbert Friant
Head of the Rennes Métropole Digital Service.

LACROIX Lab’s participation in DataMix echoes the spirit of the smart world

LACROIX Lab’s participation as a group facilitator fully reflects our objectives: to serve a connected and responsible world by stimulating collective intelligence. Through the human connections made on site (or remotely for this edition), the learning of new facilitation techniques and the experience gained in positioning ourselves to organise a similar event, DataMix represented an ideal opportunity to reconnect with the spirit of the smart world.


“The notion of sharing is very interesting in this kind of event. Here we see very different worlds colliding that nonetheless manage to get along and build beautiful things together. For facilitators, it allows us to improve our practices, discover new tools and optimise other ones. We’re even changing our views on facilitation.”

Sophie Vanwaelscappel
Innovation Catalyzer at LACROIX Lab

Citizen projects working for the society of tomorrow

The projects brought to life by the skills and resources of the LabFabs fully integrate the energy and digital challenges of the future. Projects such as “Pilot Green” (first edition), “Ur Planet” and “Energé’Ti” (proposed in this second edition) are very concrete examples of these societal concerns.


“The common thread of this event is the ecological transition and the mobilisation of the ecosystem around this topic, with the aim of prototyping concrete projects.

Nicolas Viel
Head of Digital Projects at ENEDIS

Once the prototyping phase is completed, all projects are properly documented and made available as open source on a collaborative platform.



“In the end, there is no winner except the company. Thanks to the facilitation work, which has been essential, the project does not represent the work of a few people coming to an end, but a true collective project serving all, whose birth was witnessed during the event.”

Romain Chefdor
Digital Projects Manager at Rennes Métropole