Human capital

Over the past few years, the world of work has experienced major changes. Digitalisation and the development of teleworking, changes accelerated by the current circumstances, are examples among others, but we can also mention automation and the robotisation of production processes or the democratisation of certain development tools.

In order to best support each employee through the transformation of our business lines and maintain unity within the Group, a strong identity is essential. In five years, LACROIX Group has developed its own culture. This culture is entrepreneurial and collaborative and seeks to promote each person’s creativity. This is manifested in particular by the creation of the two business communities: LACROIX TECH, which brings together marketing and R&D talent, and LACROIX FAB, at the heart of the challenges of the industry of tomorrow. Managerial culture is also an essential point: through training programmes open to managers, the aim is to move towards a Servant Leadership model (managers who are at the service of their teams).

While many transformations have already begun, the coming years will almost certainly be the place for new developments. In an uncertain environment undergoing rapid change, the role of human resources will be all the more strategic. Indeed, the many advantages offered by digital technology – greater flexibility and agility – can also present risks: the multiplicity of tools and workspaces can mean dispersion or loss of connection. It is therefore essential to maintain a strong unity within the Group, to encourage communication and to ensure that each employee is involved in the construction of their future: this is the mission that LACROIX Group’s human resources division is giving itself for the next few years.