Just like the LACROIX Group, Faurecia has chosen to transform itself to meet the new challenges of the company and its markets.


Kate Philipps
Executive Vice President Communication - Faurecia

  • Kate Philipps
    Kate :

    Since its inception in 1997, Faurecia has grown steadily to become a major player in the global automobile industry today. The Group has grown and globalised very rapidly and doubled in size between 2009 and 2012 by focusing on clean mobility and the vehicle interior of the future.


    In this context of acceleration and the Group’s globalisation, we had to rethink the management system to create a common culture and to improve agility.


    Since 2013, the Executive Committee and some 100 senior managers have set about rethinking this model by incorporating a debate on the redefinition of our VALUES. The objective: to give teams more autonomy and initiative to create value over the long term.


    Following this debate, in March 2014, the Group embarked on a real cultural transformation, with the launch and then the deployment of the company project “Being Faurecia“ that I had the pleasure of steering with the Group HR Director, Mr Jean-Pierre Sounillac.


    Being Faurecia is based on two fundamental pillars: a culture of performance and value creation, and the development of employees’ skills to their full potential.


    Faurecia’s ambition is to create long-term value for all its stakeholders: customers, suppliers, employees… This ambition is based on a genuine performance culture, driven by three key managerial values: the desire to be entrepreneurial, autonomy and responsibility and three key behavioural values: respect, exemplarity, energy. “We want our employees to feel truly responsible for their results and to take initiatives to optimise their performance,” emphasises Patrick Koller, Group Chief Executive Officer.


    Today, we see the tangible benefits of this cultural transformation with a visible increase in the number of initiatives taken and the increasing agility of our operating methods. Last but not least, we are now well “equipped” to pursue our growth strategy, by focusing on clean mobility and the vehicle interior of the future, with a capacity that should reach a 30-billion turnover (compared to 17 billion today). I can only wish the LACROIX Group the same virtuous effects through the deployment of its 5 values.