Thomas Lesort
Executive VP, Human Ressources

  • What does human ressources think about LACROIX Group’s values ?

    Thomas :

    The implementation of a transformation programme is everyone’s concern, and it is with this collective ambition that the LACROIX Group is deploying its AMBITION 2020 strategic plan.


    As individuals, everyone must be able to take ownership of their role and responsibilities within the team and identify their contribution to the project.

    Transformation must also be based on a team united around a project, unified by a shared culture, shared values and principles of action.

    • The AMBITION 2020 strategic plan gives the vision, the course to follow, it answers the question “where are we going?”.
    • The Group’s mission “Connected technologies for a smarter world” defines the “why are we going there?”.
    • The Group’s values determine the “how do we go about it together?”.


    As part of the pursuit of its ambition, it was natural that the LACROIX Group challenge its own values and develop them in line with the strategic plan and the expected transformation of managerial culture.


    The values of the group characterise us, embodying them on a daily basis means building a state of mind and a culture that strengthen the feeling of belonging and adherence to the company.


    Bringing the LACROIX Group’s values to life in the field is also a formidable lever for transforming the Group’s managerial culture. Value-driven management contributes to the repositioning of the individual’s place at the heart of the organisation, it binds values to the company’s rules of conduct and operation. Managers henceforth rely on a set of actions known to all to guide their teams and inform their decision-making.


    The evolution of managerial practices is also a major expectation raised by the LACROIX & You internal satisfaction survey delivered at the beginning of the year. Value-based management will help to strengthen listening skills, increase autonomy, encourage initiatives, promote recognition, and ensure consistency in management practices, among other aspects.


    The integrity of the process is a condition for success and commitment to values. Within the framework of dedicated collaborative workshops, the participation of nearly 100 group managers contributed to the authenticity and wealth of this approach.


    Let’s be proud of the LACROIX Group’s values and be eager to implement them !