Since 2015, triannual satisfaction surveys have enabled LACROIX to obtain feedback from its employees. The goal is to assess progress made in terms of workplace organisation, and to understand the steps to be taken in order to improve everyone’s experience. Let’s take a look back at the results of the 2020 survey.

As part of the strategic plans Ambition 2020, initiated in 2015, and Leadership 2025, launched in 2021, LACROIX has sought to strengthen horizontality within the group and transparency in relation to its employees.
It was with this in mind that triannual internal satisfaction surveys were introduced in 2015, for the purpose of gathering employee feedback.
Our goal: to assess progress made in terms of workplace organisation and roles, and to understand the challenges and steps to be taken in order to improve everyone’s experience in a lasting manner. Some of the topics dealt with include working conditions, communication between teams, professional development, and management.



With more than one hundred measurement points, the survey is intended to be as exhaustive as possible. By following the same procedure each time, our intention is to measure internal developments as closely as possible in order to keep track of managerial progress and techniquesThe survey has proven to be an ideal way of collecting and taking on board everyone’s opinions, wishes and concerns.

Executive VP, Human Resources

A new milestone reached

With an increase of 6% in five years, the results of the third survey, conducted in 2020, showed a satisfaction level of 69%. This year, a participation rate of 90% (up 4% compared to 2017) demonstrates that the survey has become an established ritual, allowing us to build greater trust between the group’s employees and management.
As such, the results of the 2020 survey revealed that LACROIX had reached a new milestone, with a clear progression in employee engagement and satisfaction among teams. The survey made it possible to identify new lines of progress, particularly around the Leadership 2025 plan.

An important basis for the Leadership 2025 strategic plan

With the objective of assessing the situation at the start of the new Leadership 2025 strategic plan, the 2020 internal satisfaction plan can be seen as a benchmark for measuring the group’s future progress in relation to its employees.



“Expectations emerged, for example, in terms of personal development and training, in parallel with a desire for the new strategic plan not to represent a remote concept but to be something deployed in concrete fashion in everyone’s daily lives.” 

Training courses will therefore be enhanced, based on those introduced at the time of the first survey in 2015. Furthermore, we will provide enhanced support for our employees in terms of the transformations they face, in particular digitisation, thereby using new technologies to their maximum potential. Lastly, we will continue to adapt our managerial practices, in a post-Covid crisis context.

The next internal satisfaction survey will take place in 2023. Building on our progressive efforts, the 2023 survey may provide an opportunity to look at ourselves from the outside, perhaps through the certification process.


Thomas Lesort
Executive VP, Human Resources