At the end of 2017, we carried out our second internal satisfaction survey: LACROIX & You. It was directed to all employees in the Group and allowed us to gather a wealth of information :

  • 87% of employees like the work they are currently doing and 90% feel they are doing a useful job
  • 79% emphasise the importance of mutual support and collaborating within the team
  • 76% trust their managers and 80% know that they can count on them when necessary
  • 89% highlight that their business line must evolve to prepare for the future.


Thierry Brigodiot
Associate Director - PRAGMA

  • Since 1975, PRAGMA has been supporting companies who realize the importance of team dynamics and managerial practices – especially those that position people as the driving force behind project performance.

    Thierry Brigodiot helped us set up this second internal satisfaction survey across the Group.

    Thierry Brigodiot
    Thierry :

    For this second edition of LACROIX & You, I was very touched by the welcome and attention of the teams, managers and site managers during the feedback sessions. This year, I was able to truly observe the quality of the exchanges as if confidence in the process had been established from the first edition.

    I have been supporting the deployment of social climate assessment for 12 years now, and it is so rare that feedback sessions are deployed to such an extent as the number of employees targeted by the LACROIX Group in 2018…. The temptation and practices observed in many companies are to give indicators solely to managers and executives; the company is hence depriving itself of valuable dialogue with those who carry out, produce, market, research and support the company’s projects on a daily basis…I have observed that the time spent sharing results is a precious opportunity to break down barriers between business lines, structures and hierarchical levels…and the preconceptions often associated herewith.

    More than just a time for sharing, the contribution of each individual to the formulation of action plans around the selected themes seems to have initiated some excellent dynamics throughout the Group’s sites.