Employee shareholding allows employees to become “partners” and thus work not for “a” company but for “their” company. It is in this spirit that LACROIX Group launched the shareholder plan, proposed to more than 85% of its workforce.

 Meeting with Sylvie de Pange, Manager of the Employee Shareholding Division at CIC Epargne Salariale and who supported LACROIX Group in this adventure.

“When we met with the LACROIX Group teams to launch this employee shareholding project, we immediately understood the desired objectives: it is true that the benefits of employee shareholding are numerous and depend on the philosophy adopted by the company. Of course, the financial benefit is one objective, but in this case it was not LACROIX Group’s main one; they were mainly interested in the social aspect.

Employee shareholding makes it possible to encourage more engagement among company employees: I like to say that it is a “win-win” product! For employees, financial benefits are attractive, and in France, employees benefit from the tax and social benefits offered by the Company Savings Plan. As for the company itself, in this instance LACROIX Group, it gains the trust and commitment of its teams, who now feel a new level of personal concern for the company’s development.

Now the challenge is to bring it to life: it’s not just about creating buzz! Employee shareholding always leads to great stories within companies. Let’s hope that the story of LACROIX Group and its teams has only just begun!”

Figures and results

The return rate of the employee shareholding plan exceeded the Group’s expectations: no less than 66% of eligible employees in France signed up for our first plan. Internationally, 37% of eligible employees also wanted to participate, demonstrating our teams’ confidence and commitment to the Group.
In creating real cohesion within the teams, LACROIX Group counts on this entrepreneurial mindset to go beyond its borders and unleash the energies of its employees, who are now stakeholders in the company.


“We are very pleased with the broad success of our first employee shareholding plan. With this initiative, we wanted to involve our employees even more closely in our development. Their involvement is a strong sign of their confidence in the company’s strategy and an extremely positive message.”

Vincent Bedouin