190 talented people in marketing and R & D

The success of our customers is at the heart of innovation at LACROIX

LACROIX’s approach: innovation, experimentation, implementation:

In line with the needs of our customers, but with a greater sense of realities on the ground, at LACROIX innovation is meant to be pragmatic.

We choose to base ourselves on a solid foundation that has brought about the success of the Group by reviewing the prolongation, extension and evolution of existing ranges but also in the search for new uses. For each innovation, we think about its implementation and its use to help our customers succeed in their missions of today and of tomorrow.

LACROIX TECH is the intersecting community responsible for innovation at LACROIX. We develop new ideas together to go faster and farther.



Pooling LACROIX’s skills to innovate together

Inaugurated during the first biennial of LACROIX TECH in 2016, the community shares on a daily basis and meets every 2 years. This is the opportunity to produce product demonstrations, give presentations of ongoing projects, listen to external speakers, etc… This ritual is an opportunity to pool together skills of the teams and to stimulate an inspiring collaborative approach.

To support this permanent innovation, we created our own innovation catalyst: LACROIX Lab. Serving the entire company, the Lab makes the most of its autonomy and its independence to explore new opportunities.

When faced with a problem, it looks for different solutions. Thanks to a strong network, it enhances collective intelligence, accelerates repetitions to learn faster and works to discover new uses and new technologies. It always bases itself on the ideas put forward by the Group’s business area teams and its ecosystem. It supports the culture of and values the capacity for innovation.

Smart Communities also means...

Made up of all employees of the Group with an industrial DNA, the LACROIX FAB community offers continuous improvement and builds the industry of tomorrow.


LACROIX FAB est la communauté de LACROIX Group qui propage l’amélioration continue et construit l’industrie de demain.