LACROIX Fab is the community that
promotes continuous improvement and
which builds the industry of tomorrow.

We continuously improve

Our history, our DNA, our culture: at LACROIX, we are first and foremost industrialists. We want to become the preferred partner of our customers, and always be closer to them to better understand and meet their expectations. We offer them a full range of equipment and we anticipate their needs through continuous innovation. Plus, we continually improve our operational performance to deliver projects that meet deadlines, quality and cost estimates.

LACROIX Fab is the intersectional community that standardises continuous improvement at LACROIX. We work together with our customers and our partners to build the industry of tomorrow.


Helping us work toward operational excellence

In order to launch this community and make the sharing of best practices easier, LACROIX Fab has turned to a digital solution by creating a collaborative platform that’s accessible to the thousands of Group employees. Connecting its members internally: that’s where the construction of a 4.0 industry begins.

We could not do this construction alone. The industry of the future boils down to the connection between machines and factories, but also with the supplier chain, customers and even our customers’ customers. Logistics, which means digitalisation at every level, and the fact that the physical borders between the factory and its environment are being blurred.

LACROIX Fab has already built a lot: interoperable equipment, interconnected factories, a single information system, a unified certification process, a single process mapping, a single language.

In order to be effective, these new working methods must be organised accordingly. Whether dealing with lean manufacturing or lean office, LACROIX Fab trains the Group’s employees which in turn feeds our continuous improvement, and will lead us towards operational excellence.

Smart Communities also means...

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