Collective intelligence embodied

We are currently living through a digital revolution: new technology, new business models and new equipment are changing our jobs on a daily basis. Reinventing ourselves thus becomes an essential condition for our success.

In each of the Group’s business areas, we run into common problems. Rather than tackling them separately, we chose collaboration.

We made the choice to become strong together because an innovation in quality begins with the process of collective intelligence. From conception to industrialisation, we value and share the skills and know-how of our employees with those of our customers and partners to create value.

Thanks to our LACROIX TECH and LACROIX FAB communities, we promote the sharing of information and good internal practice: this is the principal of 1+1 = 3.

Smart Communities means...



With over 190 talented people in marketing and R&D from the Group’s three business areas, the LACROIX TECH community is responsible for innovation and technology at LACROIX.




Made up of all employees of the Group with an industrial DNA, the LACROIX FAB community offers continuous improvement and builds the industry of tomorrow.