We decided to be more useful to our contemporaries, to our customers and their administrators, as well as to our teams. Our method: connecting people, technology and systems. We cannot succeed alone: we will succeed with our environment, with our customers and our partners, as well as with teams that are motivated and forward-thinking.


LACROIX, connected and technological

The large e-commerce, communications and software companies (along with start-ups) are adapting to a changing world. The world of tomorrow, one ruled by innovation, technology, progress and creativity, also belongs to our Group. We have therefore opted to adopt a “start-up” style with “Connected Technologies for a Smarter World” and we rely on agility while basing ourselves on the strengths and experience of a strong SME.


LACROIX: a catalyst for change

LACROIX is first and foremost an industry player, with our factories in France, but also in Germany, Poland, Tunisia, Spain, the US and Mexico, which is at the centre of automated, digitalised and interconnected environments, is contributing to the creation of future industries.
Also a player in innovation, we are collaborating with our customers, companies and other communities as well as with research centres, clusters, and think tanks to invent the world of tomorrow. We address traditional markets that we know well and promote their transformation through the adoption and the mastery of technologies.


LACROIX: toward a “smarter” world

How many companies claim to be in the process of building a better world? Our mission is to help customers make that a reality!

This is our aim: Smart Cities, Smart Mobility, Smart Grids, Smart Environment, Smart Industries: these are the foundations that will shape our world. A world that has to integrate great societal challenges, growing demographics and the need to reduce global warming, all while conserving our natural resources. A world where the management of the flow of people and information within the context of a digital revolution has become a major challenge.

We have a “connected” reading of our society because it corresponds to the future and to the very present of LACROIX. We connect people by way of urban flow and promote exchange and safety. We develop the smart electronic equipment of our customers in the majority of sectors in the industry. We help predict movement and save time and energy. We link water and energy networks… we indirectly serve citizens to create a “smarter” world.


Vincent Bedouin
Chief Executive Officer