Innovating, designing, and creating: we invest in “connected technologies for smarter industries”.


A precursor of smart industries

With 9 factories spread out over 4 continents, we have our own industrial resources. In 2017, we invested €8.2 M to adapt and modernise our sites with solutions that are at the forefront of new technologies. Our French electronics factory was the first in the industry to be labelled as “An Exemplary Industry of the Future” by the French government. Our transformation and modernisation project is today a benchmark for the 4.0 industry.
In a world that’s increasingly connected, our customers search for innovative solutions to develop new opportunities. Our aim is to help them make these innovations a reality. By centralising our efforts, fully using our development skills and our means of production, we have the capacity to respond to the future challenges of digitalisation and automation, all while being respectful of the environment.

The digitalisation of the ecosystem

We are integrating an increasingly connected world by building digital and collaborative relationships: the interconnecting of our electronics factories and our offices, a centralised information system, a unified certification, a single process mapping, a single language… Employees, working methods, and technologies are today implemented to develop new more solid and longer-lasting relationships that are in harmony with our ecosystem. Digitalisation is a true catalyst for communication and exchange, and it is the entire value chain that benefits from it: our customers, suppliers, partners and employees.

Automation: at the heart of our strategy

We meet the challenges posed by competitiveness while ensuring bespoke quality service to our customers thanks to the latest technologies that we acquire and implement. These include the automation of collaborative workstations, new optical reading tools, counting X-ray components, digital tools for logistics simulation, and project management. These initiatives, which work toward increasing competitiveness, are in line with the growing trend called “nearshoring”.


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