Faced with the challenges of an increasingly urban and connected world, we tackle the market for “connected technologies for a smarter mobility”.


Commit to smart mobility

We address the traditional market that we know well and promote its transformation through the adoption and the mastery of technologies. For decades, we have been responding to challenges of a changing world and that is becoming increasingly urban and connected. We have also been supporting groups and companies with our equipment that serves smart roads. Our expertise and experience make up a solid foundation for imagining and designing the connected uses of tomorrow: those that guide, optimise and secure the flow of vehicles and people. In other words, those that make for smart mobility.


The strength of a complementary smart road offering

To make this concept of a smart and connected road system work by limiting installation costs, we rely on interoperable and complementary ecosystems that adapt to existing equipment and infrastructure already in place around the world. The cities of tomorrow are built according to the technological, ecological and societal developments that take place. We are intervening in this changing world with immediate results: safety, living well, and social and environmental responsibility. We make this possible thanks to our large areas of expertise: street lighting, the management and regulation of traffic, signage and V2X.


One keyword: innovation

Thanks to our LACROIX TECH community, we now have the resources we need to continue innovating, master the latest available technologies and to make continual progress. By basing ourselves on a strong network of partners, we reinvent the city of tomorrow and we carve out a place for ourselves as a primary player on the international level. This is best demonstrated in 3 examples: SensyCity, the first communicating detection ecosystem dedicated to street lighting; the V2X offer, which prepares infrastructure for the arrival of autonomous and connected vehicles; and Mx4, the first passive safety support for roads.

Other LACROIX Business Areas