As an European leader in Industry 4.0, LACROIX reconciles performance and environmental responsibility, while continuing to place people at the heart of its industrial strategy.


Automation to become more competitive

Faced with the growing challenges of competitiveness of European industries on the global market and the acceleration of the “nearshoring” trend, automation has become a priority. Its deployment throughout the Group’s production and assembly chain has enabled :

  • The robotization of targeted processes (RPA);
  • The elimination of certain repetitive or low value-added tasks in favor of cobots;
  • + 33% increase in productivity and 50% additional storage space (thanks to double racks) via Exotec Skypod robots;
  • Real-time tracking of components and management of small humidity-sensitive components, thanks to Totec storage cabinets;
  • The use of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) to pick up finished products and bring parts to the production lines;
  • Predictive maintenance using Artificial Intelligence;
  • Automatic error detection via new optical reading tools;
  • Automatic counting of components by X-ray;
  • Deployment of cooperative and logistic optimization tools.



Digitalization to streamline and strenghten exchanges

The increased digitalization of all industrial processes, amplified by the deployment of the 5G network and the integration of embedded IOT and IIOT sensors, is transforming production methods and developing new collaborative work methods:

  1. Exchanges between customers, suppliers, partners and employees are fluid and efficient thanks to shared, secure and high-performance communication tools.
  2. The interoperability of component production machines with our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software now allows two-way information exchange between production lines and component warehouses.
  3. The use of MES (Manufacturing Extension System) systems facilitates production management and quality control, through the collection of all analyzed data.
  4. Monitoring screens (Real Time Monitoring) monitor and control production by displaying all the necessary monitoring indicators in real time.
  5. The integration of new IOT and IIOT sensors embedded in industrial equipment allows new data to be collected and processed in record time.

Interconnection between all LACROIX production sites as well as among the experts in the design offices strengthens the Group’s operational efficiency. This close cooperation is possible thanks to the increasing digitalization of processes and the deployment of a single communication protocol. The harmonization of processes between all sites and a unified certification approach facilitate the interoperability of equipment and cooperation between all stakeholders.


Innovation for a more sustainable industry

LACROIX takes concrete action in favor of a more sustainable world, by implementing a mode of industrial production that tends to better adjust production to demand, optimize the quantity of energy and resources used, improve the operation of machines and make them last longer.

Through its activities, the Group’s aim is to contribute to providing responsible, sustainable solutions by supporting its customers and partners to meet environmental and energy challenges.

This simpler and more efficient industrial approach contributes to preserving the environment while meeting market needs.

Digital transformation and environmental transition are challenges for the electronics industry to achieve the objectives of decarbonization of the industry set by the French government in the framework of the France 2030 plan.


Transforming industry into a more human system

Reconsider the place of people in their environment is essential in the current industrial context. The automation and digitalization of industrial sites give rise to new ways of working and new ways of adding value. Interactions between man and machine are reinforced through the “cobotisation” of workstations, which facilitates the work of employees.

Creating new means of production at the cutting edge of innovation in order to build a sustainable and human industry, that is the LACROIX challenge. By 2025, all industrial sites will adopt all of the guiding principles of Industry 4.0, already supported by the Symbiose factory, an emblematic showcase of the industry of the future.


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