An ecosystem that drives innovation

Co-innovation with our partners: a shared strength

At LACROIX, innovation brings hope and progress to enable our customers to build and manage more sustainable living ecosystems.

Our innovation process is greatly accelerated thanks to collaborative work with our customers, partners and other major players in innovation.

Exchanges with competitiveness clusters and innovation associations strengthen our knowledge of our customers’ needs.

Thanks to these collaborations, we can pool our expertise, interconnect our businesses and respond to market needs more effectively. As a result, we are able to deploy solutions adapted to the issues we work on together.

As part of the Leadership 2025 strategic plan, we are leveraging strategic partnerships (Orange, Amazon, STMicroelectronics and Microsoft) to accelerate our access to technology.

As an example, the IoT Continuum consortium was developed in collaboration with STMicroelectronics, Sierra Wireless and Orange, to support companies’ IoT projects, from conceptualization to industrialization.


Co-innovation with our customers: the path to new technologies

At LACROIX, innovation is pragmatic: ahead of the curve of our customers’ needs, in search for new use cases, but always in touch with reality.

Our innovation strategy is also the result of our relation with our customers for whom we design customized solutions that meet their specific needs.

The goal is to discover new uses and uses related to latent needs, in order to address them either through experimentation or new offers.
We carry out ideation workshops with local authorities in order to ascertain new needs and to develop possible solutions that can be adopted by all and with the citizens.
It is the convergence of needs and technologies that allows us to adopt the best possible solutions.

We have already done this with : Rennes, Nantes, Paris, Nevers. We have been able to innovate in a cooperative and incremental/experimental mode in the field of micromobility, improved management of water networks, energy management and heat networks.”

Stéphane Gervais – Executive VP Strategic Innovation


Internal innovation communities

An internal emulsion of innovation

At LACROIX, we are committed to supporting internal innovation by relying on the emulsion and strength of the collective, which is the DNA of our group.

Innovation communities have been set up by our employees so that everyone can contribute.

In each of the Group’s activities, we find common challenges. Rather than responding to them separately, we have chosen to work together and encourage cross-functional projects.

Convinced that pooling skills and creating synergies with our Marketing and R&D teams are essential to foster a collaborative approach, we encourage the sharing of information and best practices to create value: this is the 1+1=3 principle.


The Innovation Lab by LACROIX

The Innovation Lab‘s mission is to catalyze innovation and stimulate innovation within the Group.

With its rich network, it promotes collective intelligence, encourages each employee to innovate, accelerates iterations to learn more quickly and works to discover new uses and new technologies.

The Innovation Lab by LACROIX supports the teams of the Group’s activities and relies on the ideas proposed. Faced with a specific situation, it looks for several solutions and allows ideas to grow and reach maturity. In this way, it supports the corporate culture and promotes the capacity for innovation, in particular through Innovation Management systems.

The Innovation Lab also works in collaboration with our external ecosystem on innovative projects to meet societal challenges, including the AquaWize solution, which has received numerous awards.


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