Faced with today’s environmental and societal risks, the challenge is to guarantee the protection of territories by ensuring the continuity of essential goods and services. Through City and Environment activities, LACROIX is working to enhance the safe management and performance of strategic infrastructures, contributing to a more sustainable world.

What is a critical infrastructure?

An infrastructure is said to be critical when it is essential to the proper functioning of society from an economic, social, health or safety point of view. This notion covers a wide range of fields. These include road infrastructure, power grids, and water and energy supply systems. 

Critical infrastructure” means any system essential to

the provision of vital economic and social functions: health, food, security,

transport, energy, information systems, financial services, etc.”

European Commission definition

The malfunction, unavailability, or destruction of any of these infrastructures can have a major impact on the population, with dramatic consequences. Without any doubt, the smooth running and safety of these networks are essential to ensure simple, sustainable, and safer living ecosystems.

However, outdated systems, the development of connected objects and the increasingly rapid obsolescence of integrated communications protocols mean that these infrastructures are increasingly vulnerable to attacks. 

LACROIX City activity and Smart Mobility: smart roads, innovation, and mobility


Growing urbanization, cybersecurity threats, rising energy costs and increasing pollution peaks are forcing us to think again about transportation means and improve the management of road infrastructure. 

When it comes to mobility, traffic control systems and street lighting are considered critical infrastructures.

While traffic-related activity has a direct impact on road user safety, street lighting represents a major economic challenge for local authorities.

 Mobility is a major challenge for the safety

and development of tomorrow’s living spaces”

Laetitia Jay – Marketing Director, LACROIX City Activity


In this area, LACROIX City activity deploys secure, interoperable technological innovations to manage and connect infrastructures smartly, ensuring reliable data communication between equipment, managers and users.


Innovation in the field of mobility is central to making our territories socially and economically viable. To do so, the equipment and solutions designed by LACROIX City activity are scalable, modular, and fully tuned to the uses of tomorrow, to help traditional professions evolve and meet real expectations in the field.

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LACROIX Environment activity develops Smart Water, Smart Grids, and Smart HVAC


Climate change and resource scarcity are at the heart of environmental and social issues. Today, most operators and local authorities are faced with difficulties in supplying water and energy resources, as well as with the growing problem of the security of these resources. 

These concerns represent a major challenge for local authorities, who need to maintain user activities while preserving the health and sanitary balance of the population. 

Cyberattacks don’t just affect the virtual world:

they can have serious consequences in the real world,

such as making the water supply or distribution

of an urban center unavailable»

Yanne Courcoux – Strategic and Operational Marketing Director Water/HVAC, LACROIX Environment Activity


Considering these challenges, LACROIX Environment activity manufactures secure “by design” equipment and solutions that integrate cutting-edge telecommunications resources to optimize remote management of water and energy infrastructures. 

LACROIX equipment and solutions enable operators to systematically deploy cyber-secure remote management and regulation systems within their facilities. 


Thanks to its easy-to-use, high-performance, and robust products, the Environment activity supports its customers in optimizing the management of natural resources by providing concrete answers to needs in the field.

Find out more about innovation in our Environment Activity

Through its activities, LACROIX designs and manufactures intelligent, reliable and sustainable equipment and solutions to guarantee the continuous, optimized operation of critical infrastructures that are essential to the equilibrium of our society and the well-being of users.

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